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Ananas species
Varieties to choose from
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Pink Pineapple (Ananas lucida)
Red Pineapple (Ananas bracteatus)

(Note: This plant is no longer produced by incredible edibles®.)
The pineapple is the main edible member of the Bromeliaceaea family. Pineapple is native to southern Brazil and Paraguay and has been used for hundreds of years. Reaching England in 1660 and was grown in greenhouses of stately homes. It was named because it resembles a pinecone.

Landscape Value

Attractive addition to your tropical or sub-tropical garden. Ideal in a container in your conservatory or on your deck.

Nutritional Value

Pineapples have reasonable levels of vitamin C and fibre. High in antioxidants and manganese.

How to Eat

Excellent eaten fresh or added to desserts, pies, meat dishes, salads, and cakes or made into sauces.

Expected Yield

Depending on variety a well tended plant with lots of suckers can produce up to six fruit in 3 years.



Full sun or shade.


Wind tolerant.


Can withstand drought and even a light frost. A hardy plant. Suited to temperate – warm temperate climates.


Grow in a wide range of soils and wide range of ph, 4.5 – 7. Must be well drained. Average water needs, do not over water.


Space plants 30 – 45cm apart. Plant in raised beds, ensure good drainage.


Pineapples are heavy feeders requiring a high nitrogen fertiliser, low in potassium and have adequate iron. Mulch to suppress weeds, conserve moisture and heat up the soil.


No pruning required only spent fruit stalks need to be removed.


No pests known.


To -2°C

Special Conditions


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