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Medium sized bell-shaped fruit with orange flesh. Fruit are ripest when the calyx has reflexed to expose the berry fully. The fruit when ripe has a tangy flavour reminiscent of orange cordial.

Habit - Orangeberries are stunning with their dense mat of miniature, tough, dark-green, grape-like leaves that are frost tolerant and have a purple tinge during winter.

Size - 15-25cm tall, with a cover of, 2 square metres spread.

Pollination - Bees & insects, pollination may be the problem. Eg. cold or windy conditions that affect bee and insect activity at flowering (early spring). After research carried out it has now been established that orangeberry is in fact infertile and requires cross pollination from another member of the rubus family. Although our trials are still continuing we believe that raspberries and blackberries will pollinate the orangeberry.

Harvest - Delicate white flowers arrive in spring followed by bright orange fruit for Xmas. Ripe fruit "touch pick" to give berries with no woody core. Orangeberry takes 2-3 years to fruit. Early summer.

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