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Cymbopogpen citratus
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Native of India and Sri Lanka.

Landscape Value

Fragrant swaying grass will add texture and movement as well as contrast among more compact plants. Ideal container plant or in a border or garden bed.

Nutritional Value

The oil is antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral. Also used as an antidepressant, to soothe aches and pains, to relieve stress. If drunk before bed will induce sleep. Effective for headaches and respiratory problems.

How to Eat

Used in Asian cookery. Pour boiling water over sliced leaves and steep for 5 minutes for Lemongrass tea. Sweeten as desired. Can be dried for tea, potpourri or cooking.

Expected Yield

2-3 plants for a family of 4 with regular use.



Full sun.


Wind and salt tolerant.


Prefers humid conditions and uniform rainfall. Requires good drainage and plenty of moisture through the growing season and will tolerant a range of climates.


Free draining soil.


Container culture is possible but provide adequate water and fertiliser to allow the foliage to maintain a more tender freshness.


Feed with general NPK fertiliser or manure compost.


Trim in early spring after frosts have passed to 15cm to encourage fresh foliage to develop.


Hardy to -2°C

Special Conditions


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